Welcome to the information website for the CCVillage mailing list! CCVillage is a non-commercial neighborhood resource for residents of Chevy Chase Village and nearby communities. Please see the Guidelines page to learn what types of messages are appropriate for CCVillage, and see the Subscribing page for information on how to sign up.

CCVillage now on

(11/8/2019) The CCVillage mailing list is now running on instead of Yahoo. Emails have been sent to subscribers explaining the changes, but the format and guidelines will be the same. The instructions on this website have been updated for the new service.

About CCVillage

The CCVillage email mailing list uses the platform. Anyone may join CCVillage and receive the messages. Messages posted by new subscribers are moderated and have to be approved before they are sent out to the mailing list (so don't be surprised if your first messages don't show up right away!)

Messages are usually moderated several times a day but sometimes it may take more than 24 hours if the moderator gets busy. Because of this, please do not depend on CCVillage for urgent or emergency communications. Once it is clear you are not a spammer or advertiser you will usually be allowed to post without prior moderator approval. However, repeat posters and people who might need some extra help with messages will stay under or be switched back to moderation.

If you do not follow the posting guidelines your messages may be deleted without warning, but the moderator will try to let people know why their messages are not approved at first, unless they are obvious spam.

CCVillage History

The Chevy Chase Village Manager and staff had been running the CCVillage mailing list since 2006. With the creation of the News Alerts broadcast lists for official notifications, they decided to turn over the CCVillage list to the community and put out a call for volunteers to manage it. At their March 2012 meeting, the Village Board of Managers introduced Village resident Tim Slagle as the new CCVillage mailing list administrator. In October 2019 Yahoo Groups announced changes to its mailing list service and CCVillage migrated subscribers and messages to

About the Moderator

The moderator of CCVillage is Tim Slagle. Tim has been living in the Village on Kirkside Drive since 2008. He is an electrical engineer and general purpose techie, and has been involved with the Internet and mailing lists since grad school in the late 1980’s. He tries to run CCVillage with a light touch, working "behind the scenes" to help subscribers and filter out messages that don't meet the posting guidlines. He can be contacted at with any questions or comments about the list.