1. How do I sign up for the CCVillage mailing list?

Detailed instructions for joining and unsubscribing are found on the Subscribing page.

2. How do I submit a message to CCVillage?

To post a message to CCVillage, send it as an email to ccvillage@groups.io from the email address you have subscribed with.

You can also post messages using the Groups.io website.  Visit https://groups.io/g/CCVillage/post and enter your subject and message in the web page form, then click "Send".

3. Why isn't the message I just submitted showing up on the mailing list?

If you don't see the message right away, it may be waiting for moderator approval.  Messages are usually moderated several times a day but sometimes it may take more than 24 hours if the moderator gets busy or is travelling.  All subscribers are moderated when they first sign up, and many subscribers who post frequent announcements or need assistance stay under moderation at the discretion of the moderator.  

Messages with included images require moderator approval even for people whose posts are not normally moderated - consider posting messages with links to images on other sites (like Google Photos) if a message is urgent.

People who use Google Gmail may find that messages sent out to the list don't appear in their Inbox until someone replies.  The message can usually be found in their "Sent" folder.  Also try checking the Groups.io website to see if the message was successfully sent out.

4. Can I post images or other attachments (like .PDF documents) to CCVillage?

The CCVillage mailing list is set to require moderator approval for images and not allow other attachments in posts.  Please keep images small enough to fit on a typical PC or phone screen, to avoid reading difficulties and large downloads.

5. Will you (the moderator) post a message for me?  I can't figure out how to sign up.

The moderator prefers not to post messages for people but is happy to help you get signed up - email him at ccvillage+owner@groups.io.

6. Why did my private reply to a poster get sent out to the entire mailing list?

Replies to messages get sent back to the mailing list and the original poster by default.  This is to encourage sharing of information that might benefit the list.  If you don't want a reply to be sent to the entire list, check the "To:" field in your email client and remove the ccvillage@groups.io address before sending the message.  

List replies that are obviously meant to be personal will be filtered by the moderator when possible and may result in future messages being moderated.

7. Why do you publish ads for some commercial services and not others?  It seems arbitrary and unfair.

The moderator is committed to keeping CCVillage a non-commercial neighborhood resource, but recognizes that local mailing lists are a vital channel for many individual entrepreneurs that don't have the means to pay for ads.  Lemonade stands, garage sales, babysitters, and house cleaners are commercial activities that add value to the community and are allowed to post on CCVillage.  On the other hand, ticket scalpers, real estate agents, and concert promoters have plenty of other channels available to them and aren't allowed to post ads on CCVillage.  In between are situations that will be decided on an individual basis, but tone matters as much as subject - messages that read like blatant advertisements are not likely to be accepted.  If you have read the guidelines and still feel like your post should have been published, email the moderator at ccvillage+owner@groups.io.

(3/8/21) With the impact on businesses from COVID-19, some restrictions on commercial messages are being relaxed to help support local restaurants.  Pure advertising is still not allowed, but messages from neighbors supporting pickup or delivery services may be permitted.

8. Someone posted for recommendations for a service that my company provides.  Can I reply with an advertisement for my company?

People who post on CCVillage are usually looking for the recommendations and experiences of their neighbors.  Feel free to respond to them privately by email, but posting ads in response to requests for recommendations is discouraged.  However, posting answers to questions or helpful information benefits the community and is welcome.

9. How can I change the email address where CCVillage messages are sent?

If you have a Groups.io account, you can change the email address messages get sent to (along with your Groups.io login) by visiting the Groups.io account page: https://groups.io/account .  Enter a new address and press the blue "Change Email" button.  You will need to confirm your new address by replying to or clicking on the link in the message they send.  This will change your email address for all the Groups.io lists you are subscribed to under this account.

10. How can I find past recommendations?

CCVillage subscribers are encouraged to search the message archives for recommendations before posting a new request.  This can be done easily by visiting the message list on the Groups.io website for CCVillage and entering your search phrase in the field at the upper right of the page (by the magnifying glass icon.)

When searching, try and reduce your search entry to a single word or two, and try searching for common synonyms and other word forms as well (e.g. "gardener", "landscaping", "landscaper", "mowing", and "lawn care").