Here is a list of some general guidelines used in running the CCVillage email list:

  1. Postings from individuals in Chevy Chase Village and surrounding communities are encouraged - please continue to use this free resource!

  2. The moderator doesn't post messages for people, but is willing to help if you are having problems or don't know what to do.

  3. Messages will be approved by the moderator but content will not be edited - you are responsible for content so be nice and give people the benefit of the doubt.

  4. The Moderator has final say on what is acceptable. The general guideline for accepting posts is “If a bunch more people posted similar messages, would it be good for the list?”

  5. This is a non-commercial neighborhood resource. Commercial advertising is not allowed but non-profits and educational organizations may be allowed to post.

  6. A limited number of posts offering paid goods or services from local individual entrepreneurs may also be allowed. Approval for posts will be a judgement call based on what is being advertised and how the post is written, so be informative and personal rather than hard selling.

  7. Real estate listings (rental and sales) from agents are not allowed, but owners may post if they or their property are located in Chevy Chase Village.

  8. Political messages on issues that are relevant to local residents are allowed as long as they are personal, respectful, fact-based, and not deliberately provocative ("trolling"). However, many subscribers are opposed to any type of political content and the moderator may become involved if discussions become too heated or personal. Posting form messages, newsletters, talking points or calls to action will not be approved.

  9. Periodic posts announcing classes and events are allowed, but you are asked to limit them to one per month to avoid dominating the topics.

  10. Please also limit posts and reminders about events to one or two per event unless there are major changes.

  11. Replies go back to the mailing list to foster discussions, so be careful not to post your personal responses to the entire list - check your “To:” field and edit if needed.

  12. Images can be included in messages but are reduced in size to save download time and make phone viewing easier. No other attachments - contact the moderator if you really need to provide a large image or document and they can be made available on the group website.

  13. Please don’t pass on chain emails, virus warnings, lists of jokes, etc. to the list.

  14. Include the relevant parts of a message in your replies but try to trim extra extra headings and footers, especially if you receive messages in digest form. However, be careful to preserve the message attributions so people are not misquoted.

  15. Please send any comments, questions, or requests for help to the list Moderator at rather than posting them to the list.

  16. Instead of forwarding newsletters, advertisements, or announcements to the list, please write a summary with the important details and include a link to the original document or website for more info. This keeps messages more personal and makes them easier to read on small screens.

  17. Please include some kind of contact information in your posts (your name or email address is sufficient). Unsigned posts from auto-generated email addresses will usually be rejected.